08 May 2021

Best Training Management Software 2021

What is a Training Management Software System? 

An effective Quality Management System ensures that personnel is competent and qualified for their role. Training Management Software System is designed to be the central point of your entire training operation of a company. It enables you to track, schedule, and report on employee training activities. HGI Training Manager Software 4.0 keeps a complete training history of each employee in the organization. 

Benefits of HGI Training Management Software

  1. It identifies mandatory employee training
  2. It identifies untrained employees
  3. Expired certifications or Certification about to expire
  4. Keeps a Skills Inventory
  5. Avoid Downtime in unforeseen events
  6. Identify and Optimize Training Schedules
  7. Ability to cross-reference data

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Employee ListTraining Manager 4.0

Training Management Software from HGINT

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Employee Training Record Software

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Best Training Management Software 2021

Training management software is a term that is still relatively novel for many companies. Even after the introduction of automated systems such as software for training management, numerous organizations still manage training by maintaining several spreadsheets. Such manual arrangements help manage training but do not yield the competitive advantage of using software for training management.   

The key advantage that comes with the use of training management softwareis the streamlining of training delivery. Automation helps mitigate the errors associated with manual work. Automated notifications ensure that fewer employees miss training for the lack of awareness. Instead, they could plan their schedules in advance, enroll for the training, and provide feedback or load status changes. Automation brings essence to employee communication, as facilitated by TMS. Beyond notification, sending emails is also automated, and the training department can easily manage searchable templates for the same.

Similarly, pulling up employee data is much simpler with software compared to using spreadsheets. This is a prudent step towards ensuring that only well-trained employees work over the operation floor. Training management software characteristically has widespread applications for enterprises operating across various domains, including IT, manufacturing, and automotive industries.

How a Training Management System Enables end-to-end Management of Training from a Centralized Hub

An optimal TMS acts as a single, centralized solution for training management. It is a marked improvement over managing training using paperwork, spreadsheets, or several computer programs and macros spun together.

A TMS takes away the need to input the same data at several platforms iteratively. This feature will reduce the manual effort associated with redundant work and make the information available for access by all concerned parties in real-time, over mobile devices and PCs. They can access or use the information from wherever they are located in the world at the time. Interconnected aspects of the TMS mitigate the stress involved and induce efficiency in the work processes. Alternately, all training related information present at a dedicated hub will deliver insights into the efficiency of training operations and the degree of success that they find. Centering down on the strategies that work is simplified. This makes it easier to devise a course of action for the future and brings value to business-critical decisions.

Benefits Associated with Utilizing a TMS for Training Management 

  1. Helps with the identification of mandatory employee training and untrained employees
  2. Identifies expired certifications or the certifications that expire shortly
  3. Maintains an inventory for employees’ skills
  4. In case of unforeseen events, helps prevent downtime
  5. Optimizes training schedules
  6. Simplifies cross-referencing of data

When a TMS identifies the employees who need training, it simplifies making batches for scheduling training. Seamless communication ensures that employees can enroll for the training in the best-suited slots. When a TMS offers the flexibility of operations for the training department, they can customize the software and develop ways that further deliver value. Just as an instance, the training management system can help a training manager define the training that a workgroup should attend based upon their role. Similarly, customizable fields bring access to the requisite information based upon the needs of your organization.

A few of the other prime advantages of training management software include single click, custom reporting, and the ability to add attachments to an employee record to better understand his status or suitability for role training.

When a training management system has a dedicated help and support section, this simplifies its use. Support regarding all related topics is easy to find this way, and the training department is hence empowered to make the best possible use of the TMS, based upon the organizational requirements.

Harrington Group International Training Management Software – Training Manager 

A TMS should ideally provide a range of features that will upkeep its utility for enterprise-grade organizations and small and medium businesses. The above passage includes all the features and benefits of an optimal software solution. The training management software offered by Harrington Group International (Training Manager) has all the above features and benefits. It is the best Software Solution for Training Management in the current market. 

Training Manager 4 is a state-of-the-art Training Management Software. The feature-rich software is easy to upgrade to from TM2 and TM3. It is Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 10 ready and provides support for 11 languages, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, and Hebrew.