02 Jul 2018
Organizational risk
Organizational Risk When it comes to managing an organization, especially manufacturing, there are multiple risks associated with it. The inherent risks that could be associated with a firm could be endless, whether related to manufacturing of a product or simply even common risks throughout a company. Risks within a company are something that is inevitable. [...]
01 Jul 2018
Quality Assurance System
What Is QA & What Can It Do For You? Are you looking for a strategy to improve the quality of your products and thereby the credibility as well? Then a Quality Assurance System is a must to be implemented at your firm. Quality assurance plays an essential role in many industries if not all [...]
01 Jul 2018
Quality Assurance Software
Role of Quality Assurance in Your Company Quality assurance plays a significant role in any company manufacturing products or rendering services. Preventing errors before they occur is essential for developing and thereby assuring the quality of final products. It is a process-oriented management approach that requires the collaboration of the entire workforce. Errors can occur [...]
01 Jul 2018
The future of quality
The Future of Quality Management A look into the future could involve a professional in quality left with the thought of revisiting the roots of quality. This would raise the question “How is the future generation planning on helping the profession of quality to look ahead?” The head of a company who deals with quality [...]
01 Jul 2018
Document Management System
DMS: What Is It & Its Many Uses Records maintenance and management is to be given attention due to its importance in every aspect of the organization. No matter what department or division, documentation needs to be handled accordingly for audit purposes and such, as required. But if you are considering manually handling and circulating [...]