22 Jun 2018
equipment maintenance

The Necessity Of Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance of all equipment in an organization is a critical activity that needs to be performed on a regular basis. “Maintenance” is a term that could involve multiple different activities:

  • The inspection of manufacturing.
  • The testing of products.
  • Measuring the quantities for manufacturing.
  • Replacement of materials or items in production.
  • Adjustments of manufacturing.

When it comes to the reduction of risks that are associated with the work environment, maintenance plays a critical role in ensuring that the work conditions employees are placed under, offers a safe and healthy environment for optimal performance and increased efficiency.

Maintenance can be deemed as a practice for risk management. The risk management practice of ensuring proper equipment maintenance is generally used for the maximization of production and minimization of company waste and losses.

When selecting a method of maintenance, thorough knowledge is required to identify the event of equipment failure. Companies would learn to appreciate the failures that may occur in the first practices of equipment maintenance because this would allow them to choose the correct blend of strategies for maintenance for the increase and extension of performance and service.

Ensuring that equipment is regularly maintained and operating at peak efficiency is a crucial concern of every enterprise that relies on tools to function. Downtime and delays caused by equipment failure can be catastrophic and incur substantial costs that can cripple an organization.

In years past the old paper-based solutions were necessary to track, schedule, and document routine maintenance but they were often lacking and far more susceptible to human error or getting lost in the shuffle.

Harrington Group International is an organization that provides software solutions and professional services for companies worldwide to improve processes and ensures quality management.

Realizing a need to move beyond out-dated inefficient methods, we created Maintenance Log Pro to bring maintenance logging into the 21st century. Maintenance Log Pro is our premier maintenance logging software that easily allows the user to get an adequate handle on maintenance tracking and scheduling, equipment inventory, and equipment history.

No matter the size of your business, Maintenance Log Pro will allow you to track all the equipment you need to maintain. With MLP, you can: inventory critical equipment, extend the service life of equipment by adhering to manufacturer recommendations, forecast downtime to minimize the impact on production efficiency, maintain inspection and maintenance records, print work orders, generate a variety of reports and schedule recurring maintenance.

With the level of connectivity and the ease of use, Maintenance Log Pro makes it the ideal solution for use at all levels within your enterprise, from the shop floor to quality management offices.

In today’s world, having an efficient way of tackling maintenance issues is a necessity. To do so, you will need maintenance logging software, and there is no better tool to help you achieve this on the market today than Maintenance Log Pro offered by Harrington Group International.

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