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Why Do Your Company Needs Better Data Management

What exactly is data management?

Data management is a procedure that allows companies to comprise all strategic procedures related to managing data as a resource that is valuable to the organization.
The purpose of performing quality data management involves an entire set of activities where the intended goal is to improve the quality of data.
Efficient data management involves proper thinking, an adequate terminology, adequate documentation, adequate monitoring and management of resources.

Is management of data performed correctly?

This is one of the most valued questions in this day and age by companies worldwide. But how can these companies really know if their data is managed properly?

More so than ever before, and with all the currently provided technologies that assist in the management of information, companies should make it a point to, and are expected to show what kind of programs and software are being used for the administration, monitoring, and updating of their data to ensure company determination.

When correctly applied, different types of technology can be used to address any kind of challenges that may be faced with data management.

Technology has improved irrevocably especially over the past decade, and different software have been developed to help organizations maintain control over their data and tools. But something to keep in mind is how to set up and implement these software solutions into the company. Manufacturers need to understand that different companies have different issues to address.

Management is one of the most challenging issues faced by companies everywhere. For this reason, it raised the questions of:

  • Is our company data secure from a malicious activity?
  • Is our organization able to access and produce data on time?
  • How organized is our company data?
  • How much management is required to ensure proper data management?

Harrington Group International is an organization that offers proven software and professional services for business process improvement and quality management. Through the utilization of our software services, all your questions will be answered, and your company can ensure optimal data management.

With over 45,000 customers, we can ensure that proven HGI software would drive higher product quality, lower production costs and increase top line revenue and bottom line profits.

HGI delivers substantial short-term operational improvements and strong long-term financial results through a blend of products and services for Enterprise Quality Management with:

  • HQMS.
  • Performance Improvement with HGI Consulting services.
  • Intelligent Business Decisions with HGI Analytics.
  • Better communications with suppliers through the Supplier Collaboration Portal.
  • Training through the Harrington Institute.

For small business users, HGI offers single-user desktop software for:

  • Corrective Action.
  • Audit Management.
  • Document Control.
  • Calibration Recall.
  • Maintenance Log.
  • Training Management.

Our commitment is to provide customers with a solution designed for their needs, world-class training and technical support, all delivered on time, on a budget, at low initial investment.

Here at Harrington Group International, we bring knowledge, deep functional expertise, and a practical approach to build capabilities and deliver real impact to ensure that your organization becomes the best it can be.

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