Increase Efficiency by Using Document Management System

Document Management Systems allow the control, monitoring, and management of documents for increased efficiency.

One of the most significant challenges faced by companies still utilizing a physical file system is that they are almost never able to locate, produce, or manage documents as efficiently as they can be.

The current era we live in depends on the documentation of processes. Documents and records can be considered proof that the company follows procedures, and management drives in the correct standard according to regulatory terms.

The process of handling a large amount of documented files carefully is critical for companies. Proper control of documents would involve procedures for the approval of relevant parties, distribution of records, and change in the documentation systems pertinent to the employees or individuals authorized for the implementation of the procedures.


For every document that requires control, the following information should be attached to it:

  • Who was the document created by?
  • Who was involved in the reviewing and verification of the documents?
  • Who were the documents approved by and when were they approved?
  • What is the status of the document?
  • What key does the document possess?
  • Who is authorized for the reviewing and handling of the document?


But what does the process of proper record handling involve?

Control of documents would generally include:

  • The review and approval of the documents before its release.
  • If any modifications or major changes have been made, those modifications need to be identified and addressed clearly.
  • For the point of use for the documents, only the documents versions that are relevant for the application of those records should be available. If not it would become a major complication having to deal with multiple different file types being unsure of which file is supposed to be used.
  • Making sure the documents are comprehensible and are easy but uniquely identifiable.
  • The documents that are obsolete, irrelevant, or are no longer of use should be dealt with in a way that helps avoid any disturbances to processes in the organization.


But where exactly do the documents go?

When utilizing a Quality management system, all records are strategically placed to ensure that those documents are easily available for tracking, managing, and stored in an environment that is convenient by secure for the company.


Harrington Group International makes it a point to provide businesses with performance improvement solutions for companies and industries worldwide.

HGI offers a Document Management Software by HQMS. This system is known to be one of the most effective Document Control Systems in the market. Through our software, companies could be relieved from:

  • Spending or wasting too much time manually managing documents
  • The difficulties of revision and version control
  • The complicated situations of unorganized document control which would result in miscommunication between employees
  • For audit purposes, the failure to produce the relevant documents
  • Far too much time being wasted on in-house meetings that could be used for productive moments
  • In departmental communication hassles
  • Issues related to transparency, visibility, and unreliability.


HGI is a company that offers multiple different types of software to ensure that companies would operate at optimal level. Utilization of HGI document control software would ensure the smooth handling of records to ensure maximum efficiency for the company.

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