20 Jun 2018
Supplier Visibility

Ways To Improve Supplier Visibility

Decisions that are data-driven have been longing to achieve improvements in quality for a long while now. But, how would supplier visibility be improved through the use of a Quality Management System?

All companies that depend on suppliers or vendors to offer their services adequately to match the quality standard should also bear the responsibility of managing their supplier chains properly.

However, multiple companies struggle with the process of making informed decisions on-time due to visibility across an extended supply chain lacking. As networks between suppliers grew and became more complex, supplier chain visibility has become a priority for strategy improvement.

Researchers have found that manufacturers who have poor supplier visibility generally have more supplier defects in their products.

Utilization and management of a Quality Management System would be able to help manufacturers to collect all quality data, which would lead to increased visibility and solutions for quality challenges across the extended supply chain.

The critical quality challenges manufacturers should focus on for increased supplier visibility would include:

  • Improvement of quality workflow.

Throughout organizational procedures for goods and services, supplier statuses change for approval. Because of this, the ability to track the supplier activities becomes more difficult. The information relevant to the supplier that is shared through multiple divisions could be misguided which would cause quality failure where information is duplicated. By centralization of data within a proper Quality Management system that ensures security, manufacturers will be able to manage all the reports and documents efficiently.

  • Proper tracking and management.

Multiple errors and complexities may occur when supplier information of quality is tracked in systems separately or manually. The use of a good Quality Management system will allow the company to track and store all information relevant to supplier status and quality information. And proper collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers can be done.

  • Streamlining audits for suppliers.

Audits carried out for suppliers are a vital instrument which would provide the company with a more prominent perceivability for activities related to supplier qualification. However, inefficiencies could make this tool seem deficient.

An Enterprise Quality Management System, however, helps with the coordination of the audit, proves with the QMS which would connect all data related to the supplier. All information can be tracked and stored automatically associated with supplier audits and would include audit response, reports, and the status of products that are approved. The maintenance of all audit information would ensure a more definite state of the current supply chain and would make it far easier to find and manage the suppliers that meet the requirements for providing optimal quality.

Harrington Group International is an organization that offers software solutions to companies worldwide for better productivity, increased profitability, and improved performance for the organization to operate more efficiently.

HGI offers a Supplier Collaboration Portal which can be defined as a collaborative development between manufacturers and suppliers to ensure efficient corporation productivity.

We integrate our Supplier Collaboration Portal with our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and our Harrington Quality Management Software (HQMS). Doing so would ensure all operations made daily are supervised and networked together and no duplicate transactions are made.

Daily demands for managing quality processes and solving real problems can be obtained. Using our Supplier Collaboration Portal, excellent management of a business can be met.

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