19 Jul 2018
TQM Tools
Top Total Quality Management Tools Harrington Group has provided us with the tools that can be efficiently put into use in finding causes for inefficiencies inside a business. These TQM Tools have been useful in figuring out the departments that require the most effort. With your energy directed in the right places, you can achieve [...]
12 Jul 2018
What is Total Quality Management
What Is Total Quality Management (TQM)? Total Quality Management System is better known throughout by its acronym TQM. It is a business approach focussed on improving the business processes continuously. This continuous improvement is concentrated on accomplishing the long-term goals of the business rather than the short-term ones. That has been the driving force in [...]
11 Jul 2018
Quality Management System
What Are The Benefits Of A Quality Management System? Quality management is a system of prevention before cure. It primarily focuses on improving processes that may yield defective final products. The focus is based on addressing the root cause rather than detecting and remedying defective final products. That is why a Quality Management System can [...]
11 Jul 2018
Quality Management Systems
What Is The Purpose Of A Quality Management System? Quality Management Systems are developed with the sole purpose of helping companies engage in continual improvement to increase their efficiency. You may not be aware that your existing systems may have inefficiencies and weaknesses that have detrimental effects on quality. That is why it is advisable [...]