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The caWeb Corrective Action Software & Issue Management Software Solution gives your organization easy steps to identify any issue, designate the teams members and execute tasks/actions to manage and resolve the issue. Deliver faster problem resolution and prevent recurrence – Improve collaboration between team members – Eliminate unnecessary meetings – Hold your employees accountable – and Prevent Major Disasters before they occur.


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The Harrington Group recommends a dedicated server for use with the caWeb application and its database….


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Harrington Group Issue Management Software

Any organization no matter what they are selling or the scale in which they function, they will have to face issues that may arise every now and then. What is important is how companies choose to face and resolve these matters. The ease of resolution and the time taken for resolution both will depend upon that choice. Therefore choose wisely and have a hassle-free Issue Management Software solution in place before major disasters occur due to mishandling of matters that arise.
Although there are many options for you to use to handle and streamline issues to resolution, not all of them are as effective or as hassle-free. Why add your issue management solution to the pile of issues that keep stacking up? Instead, choose the Issue Management Software that will eliminate that pile of issues and also prevent similar issues from arising again altogether. The key here is to provide a functional platform that acts as a centralized location for all information related to the issues that arise while documenting the entire process followed by an issue till its resolution. Our software has been specifically designed to achieve that purpose.
The Issue Management Tool that we propose lets you identify issues, record all necessary details, assign the responsibility of resolution to respective employees and keep track of the real-time progress of the issue towards its resolution. All details are available to be accessed by authorized personnel from anywhere at any given time, and this lets you eliminate unnecessary meetings altogether saving valuable time which can be utilized elsewhere. Moreover, the software acts as a knowledge base by recording all the issues and the respective remedial actions that were taken to resolve the issues. That is very beneficial to prevent similar problems from arising in the future or in dealing with similar issues that may occur in any case.