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Issue Management Software system and corrective action solution

Product Features

View the many features of caWeb and improve communications, reduce costs and increase revenue by streaming your corrective/preventive action processes!
Microsoft Outlook Integration: With our Outlook plugin, responsibilities and record updates are available as tasks or calendar events so you’ll receive reminders about them without logging into caWeb, and Issues and Actions can be created right from Outlook as well.
Synchronize logins and passwords: With Active Directory (LDAP) you can log in to caWeb using the same login and password you use for your office computer.
Web-Based: No software needs to be installed on the client computers. Access caWeb using any modern HTML5 compliant browser.
Auto-generate V&V actions: Verification and Validation (V&V) actions ensure the problem record was appropriately resolved. The program automatically creates and assigns two follow-up actions to the responsible person and the originator of the problem record to validate the corrective action taken is working and is effective.
Comment in problem records: You can now add comments to problem records. Once added the program will display the comment, the employee name, and the date stamp.
Customize e-mail templates: caWeb now allows you to design separate e-mail templates for the automatic email notifications. For each template, you can write a standard message and determine which fields are automatically included in the email notification.
Add attachments to user records: Include authorization forms and any other information relevant to employees by attaching to their user records.
Automatic email notifications: Employees are notified via electronic mail of pending action that requires their attention and action. Escalation notifies others when issues / actions are past due.
Full Reporting & Charting: Standard reports are included with caWeb such as Pareto, Trend, List and more. See System Reports for sample charts.

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