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There are hundreds of documents circulating within departments in a company each day. Keeping track of all these records is very important as proper document management is essential for audit purposes. The use of a Document Management System is highly recommended for businesses of all sizes because manual document handling can result in various errors. Misplacement of important documents may occur, leading to problems for the firm. Editing documents can also be time-consuming if the set of records are handled by more than one department. Also, precious time is lost in locating and retrieving documents and could lead to interdepartmental miscommunication. More importantly, transparency and security of documents cannot be guaranteed with conventional manual document handling methods.

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A Document Management System relieves you from having to handle tons of documents manually. All the documents of the company can be digitally stored, and employees can access them from one centralized location. Retrieval of documents, obtaining approvals and transferring between departments can be done using the Document Control Software offered by Harrington Group International. A Document Management System enhances productivity likewise by saving time and bringing geographically distant units together. International businesses can use Document Control Software to transfer documents among globally dispersed branches and take necessary action immediately. Real-time secured access is offered to employees in the company where the visibility of documents can be adjusted according to the department or the level of management.

Investing in Document Control Software by Harrington Group International will benefit your company by cutting back on printing cost and by improving overall productivity as there is no need to monitor paper-based procedures anymore. Any document in the software is available in a matter of seconds at anytime from anywhere in the world and meeting standard compliance requirements for auditing purposes has never been easier.