How Efficiently Does Your Company Manage Their Organizational Tasks

There are numerous activities that a regular company perform on a regular basis. These activities could include organizing files with memos, scrambling through emails and applications, or identifying which tasks critically require to be done first. An organization’s primary goal is to perform minimal and efficient work that is also timely and within a budget. In relevance to the management of tasks, this means that those organizations would be seeking a practical solution for the company. Finding the perfect solution would require the ability to prioritize tasks, manage time, and meet deadlines.

Task management was a process created for the management of tasks throughout its lifecycle. This process involves efficient planning, estimation of tasks, and the scheduling of tasks. The process of task management would also allow the ability to track any dependencies, organizational milestones, and resources. When priority changes and decisions need to be made, the task management process will allow this to be done conveniently and efficiently.

From the ability to manage smaller activities that need to be done to the process of helping team collaboration and work, multiple different types of Management Software have been developed to manage these tasks. However, when considering implementing enterprise task management software into a company, it is vital to understand what the company’s needs are and select a tool that would improve the productivity of the company rather than create more work to perform.

Generally, task management solution should provide the following features:

  • Initial estimates for the development of high-level requirements.
  • Project scheduling.
  • Collaboration is necessary for the management of a work team for communication.
  • Real-time view of the status of each task as they are started.
  • Prioritizing and scheduling requirements for the company.
  • Assigning requirements, incidents, and tasks using a planning board.
  • Tracking issues and defects.
  • Estimation of the time each task will take as well as their dependencies.

Harrington Group International introduces the “caWeb Corrective Action Software.” The caWeb Issue Management Software would deliver faster problem-solving and ensure recurrence prevention, improve collaboration between team members, eliminate unnecessary meetings, hold employees accountable, and also prevent major disasters before they could occur.

Using caWeb multiple benefits could be achieved through consistent use of the software by utilizing the services provided which would allow:

  • The delegation of tasks systematically
    Task management can be performed through maintaining documentation of activities that are required to contain, isolate, and correct issues or deficiencies.
  • Ensure Action taken is on the assigned task
    Managers can be assured that data collection, approved processes, and review before action being taken on assigned tasks are present.
  •  Add attachments to action step
    Any other information relevant to the task at hand by the concerned employee can be included and attached.
  • Outlook integration
    Raises the visibility of actions assigned to users by making them tasks or appointments within Outlook. Originators are reminded of tasks, which can then be followed up with responsible parties before records are overdue.
  • Detailed reports on each task
    Each task would include:
    – Task List Report.
    – Aging task Report.
    – Pareto Report.
    – Trend Report.
    – Summary Report.
    – Detail Report.
    – Charts.
  • Increase team productivity and efficiency.
    Streamlining processes could be used for identifying essential tasks, tracking resolution, enhancing internal communications, as well as making employees accountable.
  • Participation at any time, anywhere
    Action can be taken on assigned tasks at any time, anywhere.

Harrington Group International is a company that offers business software solutions to companies globally. Through the use of our software products, company efficiency can be assured. HGI software provides the ability to establish systematically processed procedures to manage business activities for optimal performance.