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Innovation is the key to the success in today’s business world. Harrington Group International is ready to extend their experience with the companies who wants to get more successful with innovations.
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Innovation is the key to driving growth, value for shareholders, and competitive advantage in today’s global economy. Companies that are not effective innovators face many challenges:

  • How do we improve the financial returns from our current activities?
  • How can our company build and sustain an innovative culture?
  • What does it mean to be an effective innovation leader?
  • How should we be measuring innovation?
  • How can we modernize our business model?

Harrington Group International has extensive experience across the full range of topics facing companies that want to become more resourceful or increase the impact of their innovation activities. We have several management seminars and consulting engagements conducted by Praveen Gupta to address the needs of innovation

Innovation Overview for Executives will get a clear view of the innovation strategy and process from 30,000 feet. At the conclusion of the overview, executives will leave with specific ideas for revenue growth and key tools for leadership to launch a culture of innovation.

Innovation Assessor Training provides the necessary tools and techniques for assessing innovation practices in an organization and identifying innovation strengths and opportunities.

The expertise of our Fellows falls into the following areas:

  • Alignment of business and new strategies
  • Internal idea generation, capture, and management
  • Innovation process and functional productivity and effectiveness
  • Organizational alignment and design
  • Measuring innovation
  • Business model innovation

Consulting engagement may be focused on the following activities:

Increasing the organization’s ability to produce new and original thinking by transforming the culture, leadership, employees, and processes.

Identifying and realizing breakthrough innovation through the gathering of relevant information about the customer.

Redesigning and optimizing a new product-development process and organization.

Developing a future research-and-development strategy and aligning the organization around it.

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