03 Jul 2018
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Integrating MES With ERP

Manufacturers are fully aware of the fact that their money is made on the shop floor. Thus core attention needs to be given to improving the processes and operations in the production plant. To gain the most out of the process, it is necessary for key personnel to have access to real-time data. When it comes to production on the factory floor, variations are occurring that may lead to other changes. To be able to make fully-informed decisions regarding orders and deliveries, it is vital to be aware of these changes. The answer to this is a class A Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Be in control of all activities on the shop floor. From the start where customers place orders to where they are delivered on time, the system is essential. A plant that is well-run from the beginning to the end can provide manufacturers with so many opportunities. There will be significant improvements in profit, timely delivery, and overall customer satisfaction. The manufacturing cycle time can be reduced to a minimum with all the inefficiencies of production evaded.

An ideal Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides opportunities to be integrated with other surrounding systems. Thus eliminating the need for reentry of data and keeping all necessary parties in the loop. With all critical systems interconnected, information is always available at hand.

Having an automated system to control the operations on the shop floor level is a must nowadays. With its many benefits offered, it is undoubtedly the best option for manufacturers all over. Reduction in time taken and increase in efficiency overall can be witnessed firsthand with a computerized MES.

It is high time for you to take control of your production activities with a first-class MES to help you. Call HGINT now to get the best.

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