Harrington Group Supplier Collaboration Portal

Integrated Supplier Management System

The Supplier Resource Portal allows suppliers to automate routine supply chain execution transactions such as purchase orders, shipping notices and commercial invoices.

Supplier Collaboration Portal

Improving communication with suppliers can be a major challenge, but the HGI Supplier Collaboration Portal smoothes communication, creates a single point for tracking comments and complaints, and provides accountability between your organization and your suppliers. Integration with your ERP and QMS further improves its value to your suppliers and your own business.

HQMS 2021 incorporates core quality management applications for CAPA, Document Management, Audit Management, Complaint Management, and Training Management. It also takes a “cloud native” approach with the Supplier Collaboration Portal to make it easier for the end user to effectively manage and collaborate with suppliers and contract manufacturers across your supply chain.

Take advantage of new modules for: SCARs, PPAP, Purchase Orders, Payments, Receipts, Receiving Inspections, Supplier Deviations and more. In addition, edge computing allows integration to data processing and ERP models such as Oracle and SAP.

HQMS 2021 offers the latest in Cloud Based – Agile – SAAS – CAAS – Edge Computing technologies.


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The Harrington Group International (HGI) Supplier Collaboration Portal provides the tools to enable better…


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In many industries, there is usually an inadequate amount of feedback and communication between an enterprise and their suppliers throughout the supply chain, which can often result in serious misunderstandings or errors that wind up costing companies both precious time and money. Realizing a need for a software-based solution to increase interactivity between these two groups, we created Supplier Collaboration Portal to revolutionize the way our customers interact with their suppliers. Our outstanding supplier portal smooths communication, creates a single point for tracking comments and complaints, and provides an unprecedented level of accountability between enterprises and their suppliers.

With supplier portal, suppliers can now automate routine supply chain execution transactions such as purchase orders, deviations, shipping notices, supplier corrective actions (SCARs), receiving inspections, commercial invoices and much more. Your enterprise, meanwhile, can: evaluate and control the performance of your suppliers on a real-time basis and communicate the application of consistent and objective metrics to supplier products, determine best supplier practices, collect and evaluate supplier recommendations for incremental performance improvement and receive creative and innovative supplier recommendations for new products or major product improvements. Furthermore, integration with your ERP and quality management system significantly improves its value to your suppliers and your enterprise.

Supplier Collaboration Portal provides both the supplier and enterprise a single, shared view of data that enables the two parties to collaborate on corrective actions improve overall supply chain performance and dispute resolution.

As business process re-engineering occurs, new and improved forecasting, purchasing, labeling, shipping and invoicing procedures are introduced. Portals provide an online resource for enterprises who utilize them with changes to contact details, routing guides, and business processes to the supplier community. You will reduce cycle time, improve efficiency, and provide better customer service as a result. Our supplier portal is a huge step in revolutionizing the way companies handle supply chain management.

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