Harrington Quality Management System

is our flagship world-class software for enterprise process improvement, compliance and quality management.

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HQMS is a comprehensive business process improvement and quality management system designed to enable businesses to optimize business performance by streamlining critical business processes such as audit management, document control, records management, training management, and compliance.

HQMS automatically links business processes to quality management programs in manufacturing and service industries such as corrective and preventive actions , root cause analysis, material non-conformance, opportunities for improvement, parts management and supplier management.

HQMS can link to monitoring and measurement systems, computer security incident systems, healthcare quality tracking systems, and integration to Oracle, SAP and other ERP systems.

Corporate Business Benefits of HQMS

  • Improvement of business processes will reduce development time and production costs.
  • Prevention of major disasters before they occur because of CAPA initiatives.
  • Reduce waste and minimize cost in the product production.
  • Can help maintain strict adherence to ISO compliance and government regulations.
  • Increase in repeat business as customers trust the quality of products that you provide.
  • You will realize a short return on investment.
  • You will realize an increase in the quantity of “top line” sales and “bottom line” revenue.

Over 45,000 Customers have bought HGI Business Process Improvement and Quality Management Software!

Why is that? Our customers didn’t look at just the technical specifications of our process improvement and quality management software.

Our software is only part of the solution. Since our founding in 1991, we have seen many competitors come and go and that is why we have built our company on long lasting relationships with our customers.

From customization of the software to unique customer requirements, implementation and solutions-driven training, timely product updates and unequaled technical support that is directed at achieving your corporate goals.

We strive for development of solid relationships with our customers that we continue to build on a daily basis. From a real person answering the phone and directing your inquiry to the right person quickly to answer questions, resolve problems or adapting the software to meet current and future needs.

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