03 Jun 2018
The process perspective

The Process Perspective

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the utilization of system software within a business. This system is integrated with applications which allow specific functions to be automated. The process of using ERP within an organization can be incredibly beneficial if implemented correctly.

When ERP first began, it was used merely within manufacturing companies. Popularity initiated when organizations started seeing the effectiveness of this process. Then customization of ERP began initializing to fit company requirements, and soon businesses started gaining massive advantages for using ERP over the processing, management, and monitoring of physical documents.

The Enterprise Resource Planning facility is an area that is continuously at debate seeing as companies either hate it or love it. ERP is a diverse topic as it needs to be adequately implemented, as previously mentioned.
The reason for the dispute on whether or not ERP systems are right for the organization lies in the ideas for implementation:

  • Does your company really need it?
    Organizations would worry about the cost-effectiveness of the requirement of an ERP.
  •  Company production is changing drastically, and customer needs are expanding exponentially. So the question arises, how could a  system keep up with this?

For specific industries, ERP has become merely somewhat of a slump. With that being said, companies are finding it expensive and incredibly complicated to adjust to the development of the company.

When implementing ERP, it is crucial to understand the requirement for it in the first place. Before implementing an ERP, organizations should ask themselves:

  1. What does your organization wish to gain from ERP?
  2. What approach does your company wish to take?
  3. Should the ERP be globally standardized?
  4. Would a data solution be more cost-efficient and effective?

When an organization considers the practicality of these questions, instead of merely following the norm, this is what would ensure an efficient organization.

Does your company really know what ERP does?

The process of ERP includes an automation process. This means that ERP guarantees processes that are standardized within the business process. What would make things easier and more comfortable for an organization, than having the same standardized processes worldwide?

There have been many companies that attempted this. Through this it was found there were multiple challenges to be faced among the way. Without the efficiency of strong business leadership where standardization is enforced, the standardization route shouldn’t be one a company should be taking with their ERP. If this was implemented wrongly, it could even cause the organization to make a loss or even completely fail.

ERP was designed for the smooth running of an organization, and the general use of it could however, benefit the company. But through this implementation, companies should find themselves considering the good effects an ERP may bring to the organization.

Harrington Group International makes it point to not only focus on the ERP solutions but also to offer the best services and ensure organizational improvement. With HGI, the large industries are not all we seek to assist, but also medium to smaller organizations.
If your company is looking for the best software to improve your business in the industry, select HGI for your software needs.

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