TQM Tools

The Seven Basic Tools of Quality

TQM Tools can be beneficial in identifying the root causes of many issues that may be related to quality. These TQM Tools require very little to no formal training to be adhered to for practical usage. Thus they are termed as the basic TQM Tools.

The Pareto principle is based on the theory that a few causes cause many effects. That is most of the effects were led by a limited number of causes. Pareto Charts can be used effectively to identify where to input your initial effort to gain the maximum result.

Scatter Plots are another tool that is used to forecast the behavior of a particular property. Moreover, to analyze the area of the relationship between two independent variables.

Control Charts are a tool used effectively in many scenarios to focus on controlling the overall trend or variation. It places the total variation above any individual changes and helps to maintain stability.

Flow Charts are basically a graphical representation of a process or flow focussing on crucial decision points. There is no standard symbology per say.

Ishikawa Diagrams/Fishbone Structures or Cause and Effect Diagrams are what their name stands for. They can be quite helpful in brainstorming the root causes for an effect and narrowing down the full picture.

Histograms or Bar Graphs help you graphically analyze a set of numerical data. Essentially data that do not provide any insight into any pattern as they are. But once in a graph, the patterns shown are evident.

Check Sheets are a tool specific to the given situation and are used to collect quantitative or qualitative data. Check Lists on the other hand focus on guiding a process over that of collecting data.

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