07 Jun 2018
Harrington Group International

Partners With HGI.

Harrington Group International is an organization that provides competent software solutions to companies worldwide. With the integration of applications, our software products diligently offer only the best services to our customers.

The Harrington Group was established in 1991 by an individual named Rick Harrington, who had a vision of assisting organizations in the management and improvement of their productivity for their quality systems. Rick Harrington then immediately had a realization that helped pioneer the first quality management software for use by executives and quality managers.
The first ever software suite was titled, “The Cost of Quality”, sold over a million copies.

Harrington Group International presents companies with substantial software and professional services for improvement in businesses and quality management.

Our organization has over 45,000 satisfied customers who chose HGI software to ensure the drive of higher product quality and lower production costs with increased top-line revenue and bottom-line profits.

Our organization ensures the delivery of substantial operational movements that are short-term and financial results that are long-term for the organization. This is done through:

  • A blend of software products and services for Enterprise Quality Management with HQMS (Harrington Quality Management Systems).
  • Improvements in performance by utilizing HGI Consulting Services.
  • Making Intelligent Business Decisions by using HGI Analytics.
  • The advantage of better communication with suppliers through the utilization of the Supplier Collaboration Portal.
  • Management of training through the Harrington Institute.
For smaller organizations, HGI provides single-user desktop software:

Our organization seeks to expand its presence with software companies, system integrators, and business consultants worldwide for the delivery of the most innovative improvements in processes and quality management software solutions in the market today.

HGI has many partner levels that are based on customer commitment to product knowledge, implementation, training, and customer technical support. In all cases, the commission structure is one of the best available to potential resellers on the market today.

HGI provides the relevant sales tools, the required technical training, marketing programs, literature, customer presentations and personalized assistance to build opportunities.

When local market expertise and knowledge is combined with the power of innovative products, there will be an acceleration in business growth and would drive additional sales revenues and increase profit margins.

Partner Levels

The Harrington Group International ensures commitment to the success of your business.

Our partner program was designed to allow the sales team to begin selling HGI products quickly and develop the knowledge and expertise which is needed for the long-term success of selling quality management solutions.

Certified HGI Sales Agent:

The Sales Agent provides referrals, qualified prospect leads and local contact with the potential client. No dedicated sales or technical support staff is needed. The HGI Account Manager will coordinate the entire sales processes with the Sales Agent. We provide a competitive commission structure on leads converted to sales.

Strategic Partner:

Serve as an extension of the HGI brand. This program partner will maximize revenue sharing on client sales.
Harrington Group International Partners include:

  • Avangate.
  • Blue ocean data solutions.
  • CMC.
  • SimpleQuE.
  • EBA International.
  • IRCA Global.
  • New Grounds Solutions