03 Jul 2018
TQM Software

Will Testing Guarantee Quality?

If the question is if testing or inspection only will suffice to guarantee high-quality products, the answer is no. That alone is not enough to help achieve higher quality standards for your products and services. That is where the total quality management approach comes in. TQM Software has been developed to improve the process that ultimately leads to production, to yield better quality products.

That is indeed the right approach. The production is not the only part or process that defines the quality of the final product. The overall business processes have a say in it. Each process affects quality in its own way.

The key here is to instill the quality culture into the mindset of each and every member of the organization. Members of all departments and divisions working with a collective mindset will set the process in motion.

Quality is often defined in various ways. In many industries, the final say on quality is with the customer. The customer requirements are the reason for developing or manufacturing the product likewise. Therefore, it is the customer who decides if the said product has addressed the need or not.

More often than not, companies lose their customer focus and thus end up losing customers. But with the right dedication given to quality management, that will not happen. TQM Software can guide you along the right path.

Harrington Group International has been the leading solution provider for businesses in many industries. Their software solutions and business consulting have provided many companies with answers that they were desperate for. Their TQM Software is also part of that movement. If it is better quality and performance, there is no doubt about Harrington Group International providing the solutions. Contact the HGI team to find out how their software for total quality management can help you.

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