Announces the release of Calibration Recall II Software

Harrington Group International (HGI) announced the release of Calibration Recall II software to provide all routines necessary to deliver and maintain the accuracy of test equipment in the manufacturing process.

Harrington Group International (HGI) and their CEO Rick Harrington Jr. are proud to announce the impending summer 2021 release of Calibration Recall II, a subscription-based multitenant cloud (SaaS)calibration software that aids users in maintaining the accuracy of test equipment throughout their manufacturing processes.


Calibration Recall II is a significant upgrade from the original Calibration Software, which has been on the market for almost 25 years and used by thousands of clients. The new features include instrument lists, instrument records, instrument status, advanced record reporting, sorting and filtering, customizable fields, user maintenance, and much more.


Users who already own Calibration Recall will be able to seamlessly transfer and convert their existing data to work with the new cloud subscription-based system.


Harrington Group International continues to grow its world-class suite of quality management software and ascertains a successful track record in business process improvement and quality management. HGI has over 45,000 satisfied customers worldwide and helps them deliver higher product quality, lower production costs, and increase both top line revenue and bottom-line profits.

HGI offers substantial short-term operational improvements and strong long-term financial results through a blend of products and services, including Enterprise Quality Management with HQMS, Performance Improvement with HGI Consulting services, Intelligent Business Decisions with HGI Analytics, better communications with suppliers through the Supplier Collaboration Portal, and hands-on training for the entire product suite.

For small business users, HGI offers a variety of single-user desktop software: Corrective Action, Audit Management, Document Control, Calibration Recall, Maintenance Log Pro, and Training Manager.


“I am very proud of our team and as we develop new,easy-to-use,cutting edge software for the quality management space in 2021,you can count on us to continue assisting our clients around the world in reducing their costs, in creasing their profits,and improving product quality.Along with Calibration II this summer, we expect to release several other cloud-based systems in the near future under the umbrella of our Q-Suite software products.”–Rick Harrington Jr., CEO

HGI’s commitment is to provide customers with solutions designed for their specific needs. In addition, HGI delivers world-class training and technical support that are on time, on budget, and at a low initial investment.

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