Need for Quality Control in Construction: With the increasing population in several countries, there is an increasing demand for habitats such as individual homes, apartments and commercial buildings. Safety is the prime concern for customers, building contractors, engineers, property owners and suppliers during the construction process. Even if there are minor defects or failures [...]

Quality management software (QMS) is a crucial business tool nowadays. While it is not field-specific, QMS can help businesses that should follow strict compliance rules. Good examples of these are businesses in the manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and government sectors. The best quality management software can manage the supply chain, products and services, workers, and customers. […]

Laboratory Information Management System: Laboratory Information Management system (LIMS) is a laboratory automation software that helps to improve the efficiency, performance and accuracy of lab data. The main functions include workflow management, instrument integration, lab samples’ management, inventory management, quality assurance, data tracking, document control, reporting, etc. The range of laboratories that require LIMS include: […]

How do you recognize an efficient Quality Management System/quality control software? What should you keep in mind while shopping for a QMS? These are some common concerns that arise when making a decision to purchase business management software such as Quality Control Software. Before we tell you the details, it’s essential to address what QMS means […]