Harrington Group International Able to deliver on all order sizes, creating a more customer-centric and flexible environment than the big competitors.


With over 45,000 sales over the last three decades, HGI welcomes any company, any size, any deployment options. HGI is focused on the Voice of the Customer.” 

— Rick G. Harrington, CEO of HGI.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2023 — Last year, Harrington Group International (HGI) received calls from small companies being turned away by big QMS companies. A frustrated purchasing agent told HGI that the big QMS companies are stating “We only get involved in orders over $500K/year.”

“Large, complicated, and expensive QMS offerings have prohibited many companies from simply getting started with the digital transition from spreadsheets to robust QMS solutions. HGI’s goal is to design and develop cost effective business management tools that will evolve in concert with your business as it grows,” stated John M. Cachat, HGI Business Development Executive.

In addition to the HGI Desktop Apps, Customer can pick from the HQMS modules, including:

• Audits
• Calibration
• Corrective Action
• Document Control
• Nonconformance
• Project Management
• Risk Management
• Training

To make it even more user- friendly, HQMS Customers have a simple 3- step process:
1. Pick On Premise or Hosted option
2. Define number of concurrent user- Access is available to an unlimited number of users with a maximum number of users who can use it simultaneously
3. 365/24/7 Access: Any Location, Any Device, Any Time, With any HTML-5 browser

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