Issue/Action Management Solutions

Innovative, Easy to Use Software for Managing Issues, Problems, and Tasks in Any Organization.

Issue Management Software system and corrective action solution

Product Workflow

View the easy-to-use automated steps to identify problem issues – Take Immediate Action to resolve the issue – Track and document issue resolution.


  • Deliver faster problem resolution and prevent recurrence
  • Improve collaboration between team members
  • Eliminate unnecessary meetings
  • Hold your employees accountable – Prevent Major Disasters before they occur.

All tasks in one area for easy access – Add attachment and files for any task – Take action 24/7/365 anywhere in the world – Detailed management reports on each step in the process

Fix issues systematically – Maintain documentation of activities required to contain, isolate, and correct a noted issue or deficiency. Comply with standards, including the latest ISO 9001:2015 guidelines

Make improvement ideas feasible – Initiate and analyze any chance to change for the better. Use a systematic series of steps to capture suggestions and ideas about opportunities for improvement.

Analyze the reasons for problems – Analyze the root cause and solution to any type of issue or problem. Use built-in reports and graphs to find the few problems causing the most pain.

Add attachments to user records – Include authorization forms and any other information relevant to employees by attaching to their user records.

Detailed reports on each issue – Issue List Report – Aging List Report – Pareto Report – Trend Report – Summary Report – Detail Report – Charts

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