12 Jun 2018
Quality Management System

Ensuring Quality In Manufacturing.

As far as Quality Management Systems have been dated, they started off working with large-scale manufacturing companies. Popularity was gained when businesses worldwide started seeing the efficiency in utilizing QMS for automation for the company. Software developers then found a way to design Quality Management Systems that would appeal to the eyes of business. Quality Management Systems is now one of the most widely used business software in the market.

Multiple different developments have been made over the years to varying types of Quality Management Systems. Manufacturing companies have found a way to implement these systems for better production and higher efficiency for their organizations.

Manufacturing companies are the most important for production. This means without the proper process of production, customers could find themselves left with purchased products with defects or not up to quality standards.

Back in the day, the systems that were utilized by companies were individual Quality Systems separately for each aspect of the organization.

This seemed to bring certain disadvantages such as:

  •  Slower production due to issues with connectivity.
  • Ineffectiveness of Human resource distribution across production areas and the departments of the company.
  • Increase in system risk due to corruption.
  • Specialized knowledge was required to even perform some of the most basic operations.
  • Documents and files were harder to produce and maintain.

Once businesses started seeing the inefficiency in using separate Quality Systems, software developers saw this as an opportunity to help companies to operate smoother by introducing Quality Management Systems.

Quality Management Systems assisted organizations in growing closer to achieving goals and objectives by utilization of a software system that allows monitoring and management of procedures, responsibilities, information, and processes.

Organizations then found that multiple benefits followed the use of Quality Management Systems including:

  • Process improvements.
  •  Waste reduction.
  •  Reduced company expenses.
  •  Improvement in training procedures.
  •  Focusing towards larger business objectives.

Harrington Group International is a company that offers business software solutions to companies globally. Our organization seeks to deliver compelling solutions to businesses on-time and within budget as the industry evolves.

HGI has a long proven track record of working with over 50% of the world’s leading manufacturing companies and suppliers to offer a significant improvement:

  •  In labor and machine productivity performance.
  • Reduction of development and diffusion time for production technologies.
  •  Visible reduction in production cost and ensuring these reductions are sustainable.
  •  Ensure increased profitability.
  •  Preventing disasters before they occur.
  •  An increase in business by customers satisfied with product quality.

The experience of our business is vast and rests on a foundation serving four decades of success collaborating with multiple different industries and corporations. The expertise offered by HGI extends to every segment of the manufacturing industry and every link in the value chain. Our clients include global leaders in manufacturing making everything from aircraft to carpets to under the counter disposals.

HGI brings our thorough expertise in the required areas to every engagement, and ensure that after our procedures have been done, our clients are equipped with the necessary tools required for optimal efficiency.

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