data integrity

Poor Data Integrity - Your Company's Worst Nightmare.

Data integrity can be defined as the maintenance and management of accuracy, consistency, and assurance of data throughout its entire life-cycle and how that data is integrated for the design, the implementation and the use of a particular system for storing, retrieving and managing data.

When handling company data, one of the most significant risks that the organization has to deal with is having secure data integrity. Data undergoes multiple transactions and operations for the support of making company decisions, producing the data, updating the data, and data transference.

When managing data, it is vital that the data critical to the company is free of:

  • Corruption.
  • Modification.
  • Unauthorized access.
  • Inaccuracy.

For companies to be able to feel safe when managing their data, the systems utilized for the integration and security should be optimal. The criticality of secure and well-managed data can’t be stressed enough.
The head of an organization should do as much research as possible to avoid implementation failures.

Poor data integrity could cause a variety of problems including:

  • If the system is having issues with data integrity, and more information is added to this particularly faulty system, then the issue would continue to rise. This means that the organization would have to face more fuel being added to the fire. This would make the possibility of saving data harder.
  • The percentage of employee performance would be far lower. When a company is utilizing a system with weak data integrity, the performance of the employees will become worse as the time passes. This would also be a waste of time and effort. Employees would find themselves demotivated by working for a company that can’t seem to keep their files in a better state.
  • Poor data integrity could lead to a significant failure in reaching business goals. Management of data is one of the essential factors in running a business. When a specific goal is met, keeping track of that data is what is going to help the business gain profitability, view a rise in productivity and performance, and see where the business requires improvement.

Substantial data integrity is a factor that will continue to face challenges as technology improves and companies grow. For this reason, it is important to ensure that integrity of data is up-to-date and efficient.

Harrington Group International is an organization that offers business solutions to companies, globally. Our organization seeks to improve your business where the products that we offer are explicitly designed to improve performance, increase productivity, reduce waste, and increase the efficiency of the company.

The most prominent advantage businesses can gain out of the utilization of HGI products and services is that our company offers short-term operational improvements for long-term financial results. Our company ensures the perfect amount of data integrity to ensure that your company information is safe and secure, well managed and stored in a location that can easily be accessed by permitted employees.

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