Harrington Group International Introduces Early Adopter Discounts for PPAP Document Authoring Tool, Offering Significant Labor Savings for Global Supply Chains.ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Harrington Group International (HGI) is a renowned global quality management system company that pioneered the digital transformation of the quality management system market. HGI announced today its PPAP Document Authoring software adopter pricing as follows as shown in the picture below.

“HGI understands that rapid adoption of tools, like PPAP, require a special incentive for early adopters,” said Rick Harrington, Jr., CEO. “We also wanted the ROI to be very simple yet lucrative to the customer. Assume $100K fully loaded resources equates to about $50/hr in cost. Investment in the HGI PPAP requires about 1 hour per month in labor savings to break even. Ask anyone currently using spreadsheets and they will verify savings are, in fact, substantially more.”

Harrington’s recent webinar on “PPAP Simplified with Foundation & Process Family Strategy” verified the HGI PPAP approach is better than the spreadsheets used today, but not too complex. The ability to leverage reusable process Information was very well received by the participants. HGI is investing in the initial costs, including software hosting, support, and deployment. The single PPAP compliance framework is great news for Suppliers. Benefits span from reducing the need for multiple supplier portal logins to the ability to have a common internal PPAP process that can quickly change the form labels, column locations, and more to match customer-specific forms. It truly has the best spreadsheet-like functionality without all the known problems with spreadsheets, due to the robust database engine driving the data.

“After spending several years educating and encouraging industry leadership to join together in a PPAP Consortium, we had several suppliers state they are ready to implement the PPAP Document Authoring software,” stated John M. Cachat, HGI Business Executive. “Every supplier we spoke with is looking for a common PPAP Document Authoring tool today that can be used for multiple customers.” HGI is working with various industries, including aerospace, medical devices, wind energy, consumer products, and more.

As previously announced, the PPAP Consortiums for Aerospace, Wind Energy, and Medical Device, now include the ability for a group of suppliers to collaborate in their purchase of a mutually beneficial membership. HGI welcomed this suggestion and further expanded the idea to non-profits, trade organizations, or any other company that wants to be a part of this very exciting, innovative, and collaborative effort. Consortium membership includes 2,000 annual concurrent user licenses for as low as $12.50 per concurrent user per month.

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