HGI’s Business Executive, John Cachat is speaking at the ASQ 2023 Innovate for Excellence Summit about lessons learned on how companies are trying to manage the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), including ERP, QMS, PLM, Supplier Portals, Project Management, emails, and spreadsheets.  

 “We spent over 5 years and $5M trying to get three different PLM apps launched for PPAP and they all failed.  It wasn’t until I heard this presentation that I understood why.”

Topics include:

– Why isn’t my PLM effective
– Why Supplier Portals that simply upload spreadsheets are a risk
– Why project management tools that have added simple, generic FMEA, Process Flows, Controls Plans, etc. are ineffective

Without understanding what your people need, how the process works, the software will fail.

This will include advice on how to get your project funded.

Taking place Thursday, October 26th and Friday, October 27th at the NIU Naperville Campus in Naperville, IL.

Register Today – https://asq.org/conferences/inspection-division