HGI to Feature Supplier Portal at AIAG Quality Summit Focusing on managing Supplier Flowdown and Supplier Compliance

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2022 — Harrington Group International LLC (HGI) has created a targeted solution to a particular automotive industry problem – managing Supplier requirements Flowdown and Supplier Compliance. “What I have been hearing from everyone that is not an OEMs or a large Tier 1 supplier, is that they do not have the budget or resources to implement the Supplier Portals, that are common to larger companies.

John M. Cachat, Business Development Executive at HGI Cachat will be at the AIAG Quality Summit discussing the Critical Elements of the HGI Supplier Collaboration Portal, including:

• Supplier Portal Development: Easy-to-use process for sign-up/onboarding of Suppliers into the Portal
• ERP System Integration: Allows for tight integration, incorporating data sources and ERP, PLM, MES systems to facilitate “one view” of material requirements, inventory levels, purchase orders, shipping receiving, invoicing and accounts payable information
• HGI Analytics and Business Intelligence: Allows the HGI team to develop quality reports, charts, and graphic visualization of dashboards, supplier scorecards and KPIs for the suppliers, manufacturer’s quality management and the executive team

Rapid Return on Investment (ROI) is possible with HGI Supplier Portal tools to:

• Enable better collaboration between the manufacturer and its suppliers
• Automate routine supply chain execution transactions, such as purchase orders, ship notices and commercial invoices
• Communicate changes to contract details, routing guides and business processes to the supplier community
• Provide both supplier and buyer a single shared view of data, enabling the two parties to collaborate on corrective actions
• Improve overall supply chain performance and dispute resolution
• Provide a standardized environment for supplier ratings based on past, current and forecasted performance

HGI’s proven success with its clients, from the shop floor to the executive offices, have made Harrington Group International’s Supplier Portal one of the most widely used software programs for over 100,000+ users since 1991.

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