05 Jun 2018
target Audience

Identifying The Target Audience

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software system integrated with applications to automate specific functions within an organization. The utilization of an ERP allows companies to avoid making bad decisions that could affect the company’s performance.

ERP initiated through a startup on manufacturing companies to automate specific processes. The popularity of ERP systems started developing when companies noticed how well and efficient these systems are when performing particular procedures. ERP systems then started becoming more diverse and became more efficient, specified, and applicable to industries all around the world. Currently, ERP systems are one of the most used Business Process Management Software in the world.

Multiple companies have faced a downfall when it came to introducing ERP systems to the organization. However, it should be taken into consideration that the implementation process of the ERP is the most important part.

When implementing an ERP, the company should consider that it is a delicate procedure and requires thorough research and the company should thouroughly understand the factors of ERP implementation. If not implemented correctly, the organization could have many downfalls including loss of productivity, errors, and even decreased profitability.

For Enterprise Resource Planning developers, identifying the target audience is one of the essentials to introducing the new product.
By identifying the interest of the audience, companies can seek to achieve an optimal image by the customers that would utilize their systems. Utilization of forward-looking ERP solutions allow the collection and integration of data, making it easy for companies to predict the demands by customers for an ERP system.

The absence of this information could result in the inability to capture the market that the company is aiming at.

Organizations generally possess multiple different types of data all across various systems (This is referring to MS Excel-based documents or physical documentation). Due to this gathering and producing reports, documents, or files on time could be an issue.

Advanced ERP provides a solution to assist in the centralization of data which helps a user analyze the customer efficiently. This assists messages to be targeted easily by reducing the errors and the time taken. Operational efficiency can then be assured.

There are many Open Source ERP systems available for Smaller to Medium-sized Enterprises. These types of organizations generally utilize ERP systems for the benefit of saving costs or may comply with the relevant budget. Although this is usually the case, it is critical for organizations of any depth, to consider the variation between different ERP systems when it comes to the requirements of the organization.

ERP systems may not seem like a perfect solution to fit the exact criteria for every organizational need. However, making a choice for an ERP mainly depends on the experience of the developers, and the features provided that the particular organization requires.

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