The Importance of Exceptional Cost of Quality Management

What is known as “Cost of quality”, could be distinguished as the process which allows companies to identify the extent where the resources that are used. In this process, to avoid low quality, assessment of the quality of products and services are performed within an organization. Negative “cost of quality” could result from internal or either external failures.
Companies can identify methods for improvements in production or processing by determining the costs that could be saved.
The incurred costs of quality related activities could be allocated to 4 means including:
• Prevention costs
The problems of quality can be prevented by incurring prevention costs. Prevention costs are established before the operation. Those costs include factors associated with planning, implementation, and maintaining of the Quality Management Software System.

• Appraisal costs
These are the costs that are associated with the supervision and measuring of the activities regarding quality. Appraisal costs are related to the evaluation of materials, process, and products/services purchased by the customer and supplier to ensure they comply with specifications.

External failure costs
External failure costs could refer to the services or products that don’t comply with the quality standards. Or products that have defects which are only identified after received by the customer.

• Internal failure costs
These are the costs incurred when products do not reach quality standards before transferred to the customer. When taking measures to correct these defects, it is known as internal failure costs.

When establishing quality in an organization, the company needs to consider the cost of quality. This should include considering:
– Doing an efficient job.
– Conducting methods to improve quality.
– Organizational goals should be managed in a way that ensures excellent quality to the organization.

The key to successful product introduction is being innovative. For this, users should be innovative enough to introduce a product for customers to gain trust in quality standard.

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