Quality Management

Innovation Through Quality Management Systems

When considering improvements in company performance, it is the primary objective of every organization to focus on improvements in performance, competition, and gaining stability financially. The use of a Quality Management System would ensure numerous benefits for a company. When implemented correctly and consistently, a Quality Management System would stimulate opportunity for innovativeness as a critical handle on sustainability and competitiveness for the organization.

Utilization of a QMS these require a set of standards which would stimulate management of certain inconsistencies that may occur in the organization. This system aims for prevention measures, planning for better solutions, and implementation of innovative ideas.

Innovation is the key to success in today’s business world. Because of this, it is critical for companies to adopt and implement the concept of innovation correctly.

Innovation is a crucial component for increasing growth, value for shareholders, and gaining a competitive advantage in the current economy.
Companies that don’t implement innovation effectively may face specific challenges. A few problems may raise the questions of:

  • How can our organization improve the financial returns from our current activities?
  • How can the company attempt to build and sustain an innovative culture?
  • What exactly does it mean to be an effective and innovative leader in the industry?
  • How can the level of innovation be measured for the organization?
  • How much looking into does the company business model require, and how can it be modernized?

Harrington Group International is an organization that offers software solutions to companies worldwide. Our organization seeks to deliver compelling solutions to businesses on-time and within budget, as the industry evolves.

HGI has a reputation for providing the most efficient business solutions to ensure increased organizational effectiveness.

Harrington Group International has extensive experience in the full range of topics facing companies that seek to become a more resourceful organization or aspire to increase the impact of innovative activities within the company.

HGI provides an innovation overview for Executives. Through this, they can receive clarity in viewing the strategy of innovation and the process from 30,000 feet. Further, at the conclusion of the overview, the executives will leave possessing specific ideas for revenue growth and key tools for leadership to launch a culture of innovation.

HGI also offers Innovation Assessor Training. Here, necessary tools and techniques for assessing innovation practices would be provided in an organization and also allow companies to identify innovation strengths and opportunities.

When consulting HGI for innovation strategies our operators offer their expertise in the following areas:

  •  Alignment of business and new strategies.
  •  Internal idea generation, capture, and management.
  •  Innovation process and functional productivity and effectiveness.
  •  Organizational alignment and design.
  •  Measuring innovation.
  •  Business model innovation.

For consulting, the following areas would be addressed:

  •  Increasing the organization’s ability to produce new and original thinking by transforming the culture, leadership, employees, and processes.
  • Identifying and realizing breakthrough innovation through the gathering of relevant information about the customer.
  • Redesigning and optimizing a new product-development process and organization.
  • Developing a future research-and-development strategy and aligning the organization around it.

HGI’s prime objective is to provide continuous effort to improve your organization and offer products and services that seek to help your company strive for excellence by offering nothing but the best.

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