14 Jun 2018
Quality problems

Quality Problems: The Main Source

If there seems to be an issue in quality, that issue could be related to a particular change in the way things are being processed. The problems with a difference in quality could be either something that is obvious or something that should possibly be investigated. Identifying the cause of an issue that may arise in quality is a must. If a change in quality happens, it could either be for the best or worst. The worst-case scenario could affect the company with:

Internal costs.

Internal costs could be referred to as the costs that are associated with the services and products not reaching quality standards for the customers and are identified before the external delivery. This would include:

  • Having to rework the specified product or service that doesn’t reach the optimal quality standard.
  • There will be a delay in production due to having to redo on the defected products.
  • Redesigning the products that were affected by the quality issue.
  • Shortage in supply would take place since the supply of raw materials that were used provided unacceptable outcome.
  • There would be a failure in analysis.
  • Having to re-test and re-inspect the new product after correction of defected products.
  • Equipment downtime.
  • Lack of adaptability and flexibility.

External costs.

External costs refer to the costs associated with the services and products not reaching the quality standards for the customers and are identified after external delivery. These company costs would include:

  •  Complaints from customers which would result in a reduction of customer loyalty and number of customers wanting to purchase products from the particular company.
  • The reputation could be out the window. Once products are purchased from a company, customers would have a standardized image in mind for the company. Products that don’t reach the quality standard of the company could damage the company’s reputation.
  • To revise the status of the company for poor quality products, they would have to repair or redo the products or services offered to the customers.
  • Sales would be drastically reduced, and this could cause a loss for the company.

Environmental costs.

When identifying the problems in quality, through experience, it can be stated that there are specific causes which bring the real issues to the organization. The real problems would then require absolute thought and management for correction of these issues. The real causes associated with quality problems could be:

  •  Absence of organization.
  •  Absence of proper training.
  •  Absence of effective discipline.
  •  Absence of adequate resources.
  •  Absence of proper time.
  •  Lack of enough support from top management.

When striving to achieve organizational efficiency, a company should keep in mind these factors to provide top quality and ensure proper quality management.

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