15 Jun 2021
Quality Control Software for Construction Industry

Carrying out construction contracts involves a lot more than the actual building of the project. Three things will make it successful, and they are quality, cost, and time. To ensure that things run smoothly, install a quality control system in place. This system can run very successfully when there is decent construction quality control software in place. To ensure you get the best system on the market, cover all the following areas.

Required Features of a Quality Control Software for Construction Industry

There are many areas that you should cover when it comes to quality control. It can range from having the correct people for the job involved in your project to ensuring there is never a break in the supply chain. The quality of the products will require thorough assessment as well as time tracking. Often, the generation of a daily report is necessary to pick up problems as soon as possible. Some of the main features required will be: 

  • Audit trails
  • Modern multi-web browser
  • Easy access of records
  • Search feature
  • Accounts 
  • Security
  • Home page for each application
  • Access control – templates can be easily accessed and completed
  • Reviews – this can be external 

How Does Each Feature Contribute to the Quality Control Process?

To have an audit trail is crucial. Without it, there would be no way to know who does what in the project. Also, there would be no one to contact for help and advice. A specific area you should address is employees’ actions. There has to be a way to ensure that another worker can assume the duties of a colleague who is ill or reassigned. It is pointless appointing someone to a role if they are not available. It will be a waste of time and resources.

Accessing the records allows staff to know what stage the scheme has reached. Workers will find out if they are doing their best to reach their targets well. Also, they will find out if they need to speed up or reassess any areas. Thus, they can prevent problems before they happen. When a business needs construction materials and the supplier is struggling, they will know where else to get them. They can even tell what the timescale for delivery will be. So, they can be sure not to run out of materials.

The financial aspect is also vital. There is a need to make a profit at the beginning. So you have to set aside the correct amount of money. Additionally, set aside a contingency post. Think about issues arising that will lead to delays or require extra work to complete. Any delays could lead to time penalties. Since construction can be dangerous, there may have to be compensation payments. 


Having construction quality control software that is secure is vital. Can you imagine if an unauthorized person was able to access the system? Not only would you lose a lot of business information such as clients, costs, suppliers. You could also allow violation of their details to take place. It is hard to imagine that people would want to deal with you again if they could not trust you to keep their details safe. It is also a relief to know that someone who has total authority has the task of entering and assessing private data. There are various forms of authentication available, including Windows, Forms, and Single Sign-on. 

Closing records by mistake could cause a big problem before the completion of the project. A digital signature ensures that nothing can be closed by access. It also allows you to identify the name of the person who tackled a particular record that becomes problematic. 

System-Wide Search

The system-wide search could be the most helpful feature that the software presents. There is no need to go from program to program to put together the requested information. If there is a record that has been input into the system, it will appear in every search. When one carries out an advanced search, one can also filter all the entered lists. As many systems will have possibly thousands of records, it saves time to filter out the records if they do not contain information pertinent to the search. A business can save a great deal of time when this happens.

So far, you can see that there is nothing to lose by implementing a good quality management software systems. You will have everything to gain. Paperwork can go astray as well. There are so many facets to the building trade that the losses can be immense if that happens. As long as you select the correct system, the job will immediately become easier to carry out.