15 Jun 2021

Is your business facing compliance issues? If so, could the cause of this problem be poor document management practices? There is only one effective way to manage documents in 2021: quality document control softwareAs with all types of business management software tools, this tool will automate paper-based documentation. You will no longer receive warning letters from regulatory bodies. This system will also prevent the loss of documents and alert managers to issues requiring corrective measures. Likewise, it will streamline CAPA (Corrective Action Processes). A good document control software tool will provide audit-ready files. Above all, it will allow your business to compete well in a highly regulated industry. 

Is a Quality Control System for Document Management Essential for All Organizations?

Yes, all businesses should use a document control system to prepare for auditing. With the document control software, you can lower regulatory risks. Besides, this automation tool can boost transparency and increase data security. Thus, SMEs and large-scale businesses operating in a highly regulated sector should obtain document control software. 

Benefits that a Document Control System Can Offer a Business

After obtaining a quality document control system, expect to benefit in the following ways:

  •  Better identity and access management – Without proper access governance, any person can access sensitive information and misuse it. Information leakage can cause serious business issues, including fraudulent activities. Accidental data exposure can also cause compliance issues and reputation damage. As well, a business can face other threats and lose its competitiveness. But, after introducing an automated document management system, it can lock out unauthorized persons.
  • Non-compliance will not occur – It is hard to comply with complex regulatory rules for document control when using paper-based methods. As the technique is manual, incomplete documentation can occur. A business can miss compliance dates and face legal charges. On the other hand, the document control software can call your attention to issues as they arise. Unauthorized document perusal, deletion, or revision will not occur. Also, the software will show a complete editing history with revision dates and the names of the editors.
  • Software ensures data transparency – First, a reliable document control system will enable only authorized parties to access archived files. As a privileged user, you should easily store documents in the format you like. Moreover, it should ask for your role or identity before permitting access to restricted files. Also, you should retrieve already edited files, delete outdated records, and get edited files in a PDF format or any other format. Above all, it should support mobile data access in a way that allows an authorized party to view, edit and share files.
  • Support urgent data recovery – A dependable DCS should allow you to recover data after a disaster. Whether this is a cybersecurity attack or another disastrous situation, it can lead to massive data loss. Data recovery when you have no backup can be so expensive. Thus, it would help to have a cloud-based document control system when an accidental data loss occurs.

How to Select Document Control System Software?

As there are several document control solutions online, ensure that you choose the best software for your organization. As an organization in a strictly regulated sector, you have exposure to several products. Hence, consider the compliance regulations your company has to meet. Then begin your search online. In summary, the best quality document control software should: 

  • Offer cloud storage in case of data loss in future
  • Support different document types, not just SOPS (Standard operating procedures). It should offer support for PDF, XML, MS Word, MS Excel, and image-based formats. 
  • Be able to track training activities for employees according to regulatory requirements.
  • Be a module in a professional quality control software system that does other things too.

Which is the Best Document Quality Control Software for Your Business? 

The best one is HQMS Document Management Software. It is a product of the Harrington Group International. It can help your workers create, manage, and share all kinds of files all over the organization. This software has unique modules. One of these is the HQMS Document Management Software Revision Control Module. The revision module offers end users a tailor-made secure document archive to store the most crucial documents. What’s more, it can give you access to files that you have the authority to revise. 

Another module of HQMS Document Control Software is References Management. This option allows an end-user to upload a document for speedy reference to related records. Hence, they can add a hyperlink to cross-reference a document stored in the system. They can create as many hyperlinks as they wish. The role of the Reference Management module is to help users create links between records for easier comparison. 

The Quality Management System Software for Document Control will offer you complete control over access to confidential records. It will only permit authorized parties to access restricted records within the software. Above all, the Revision Control Module supports effortless editing.