10 Jun 2018
Boss's perspective

The Boss's Perspective

When starting up a business, owners are often faced with multiple challenges before finally arriving at an acceptable target to engage in tactical and strategic workflow methods. To comply with these factors, the head of the company would often find themselves doing multiple research on how to capture the ultimate goal.

Every business’s primary objective consists of 3 things. This includes:

  • Greater productivity.
  • Well established customer satisfaction.
  • Higher profitability.

It is often a well-known factor that it is the head of the organization’s job to find out what new innovative ideas would help the business expand in a way that is beneficial for the name of the company. Identifying the right type of procedures involves a lot of skill, research, and understanding. The administrator would often find himself/herself appointing the right kind of people to either bring new ideas or help with the implementation of bringing new ideas to life.

In the new age, one of the most significant alterations made to regular business productivity is introducing technology into organizations. The use of technology in business has caused a massive transformation (both beneficial and non-beneficial to companies). Nearly every thriving industry in the world finds themselves using technology in their companies. However, using the right tools for this kind of alteration in the business should be a priority.

When seeking to improve business processes in an organization, the first question that particular company should ask themselves is, “Do our organization require this kind of change?”.

The most prominent downfall of implementation of software technologies into companies would be the unnecessary or incorrect implementation. It is the head of the business’s job to identify what is really required to make the company better.

One of the most popular methods of business improvements is the utilization of a Quality Management System.

A Quality Management System can be defined as a software system used to monitor and manage procedures, responsibilities, information, and processes in an attempt to achieve organizational objectives with quality and increase the efficiency of a company.

Utilizing a Quality Management System within a company can come with multiple benefits a few of which include:

  • Improvement of processes.
  • Significant reduction in waste.
  • Cost of spending by the company is less.
  • Opportunity to document and improve training.
  • Getting involved in understanding employee standing.
  • Identifying larger business objectives.

When considering these factors, the head of the business may decide to implement the system in the company. However, this would not be the right idea if the software and the business don’t go hand in hand.
Although, if the company does have the right idea, the right set of research and knowledge about QMS, the objectives of organizations could be achieved.

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