09 Jun 2018
Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is something that is being used by many business organizations all around the world. But how much do you really know about Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence can be defined as the managing of software and technology services that are used to transform company data into actionable Intelligence which could assist a company in making tactical and strategic decisions.

Although Business Intelligence is not something that is able to predict every course of the events that may occur within an organization, we can find substantial improvements on a regular basis with the developments in Business Intelligence.

BI isn’t just about the creation of reports. Instead, it seeks to offer ways for employees to examine data related to the company and understand any kind of trends that the company may be engaged in.

The original start of Business intelligence tools started by the use of this technology for IT professionals. Then, companies soon found themselves engaging in the optimal use of these tools to increase organizational efficiency. Through the improvement of BI tools, businesses have been able to interact with systems that are agile and intuitive which would help with analysis of data in a quicker time-period.

There are multiple types of business tools that are used by companies. However, one of the most popular kinds of intelligent business systems has come to be Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are where applications are integrated with software to automate specific functions related to human resource, production, and services in a company.

Through the use of ERP systems companies can make use of functions that can be automated to ensure organizational efficiency.

These functions would include:

  •  Planning.
  •  Development.
  •  Manufacturing.
  •  Sales.

Through the utilization of ERP systems, businesses can also gain many advantages:

  • Business insight can be grown significantly.
  • Operational cost could be lowered.
  • There could be a significant improvement in user collaboration.
  • An increase in efficiency.
  • A smoother running organization.

However, when selecting an ERP there are certain factors to consider that are critical to ensuring that the ERP to be implemented will provide optimal performance.

These factors would include:

  • Product cost.
  • The objective of the business through this implementation.
  • Time to be spent.
  • The efficiency that this new system may offer.

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