What is Total Quality Management

What Is Total Quality Management (TQM)?

What is Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management System is better known throughout by its acronym TQM. It is a business approach focussed on improving the business processes continuously. This continuous improvement is concentrated on accomplishing the long-term goals of the business rather than the short-term ones. That has been the driving force in instilling sustainable best practices all along.

The TQM process is primarily based on engaging the entire workforce across the organization to achieve a common goal. In this case, total quality improvement. It is not just the executives who need to be engaged in this quality management process. All employees from top-level management to low-level employees need to be active in the process. That is the way to instill best practices of Total Quality Management System across the organization.

Total Quality Management System (TQM System) Consist of;

  1. Leadership
  2. Supplier quality management
  3. Vision and plan statement
  4. Evaluator
  5. Process control and improvement
  6. Product design
  7. Quality system improvement
  8. Recognition and reward
  9. Employ participation
  10. Education and training
  11. Customer focus

Moreover, the continuous improvement approach can help the business grow steadily yet smoothly. Help your business climb the ladder to the top and still keep going. There is no process that cannot be improved any further. That is what makes this continuous improvement approach vital and realistic in the long run.

It is time for you to take action to eliminate the inefficiencies associated with your business processes. By not addressing those issues, you are knowingly or unknowingly dampening the growth of the business. Don’t let your business halt at a standstill. With Total Quality Management System, you can achieve it all.

Benefits of Total quality management system

What brings you this change? The benefits of TQM software is enormous and overarching. Harrington TQM software will bring you

  • higher customer satisfaction
  • lower costs
  • fostered teamwork
  • higher returns on sales and investment
  • higher prices for your product
  • easy and better access to global markets
  • increased value proposition for customers
  • greater customer loyalty
  • wider recognition for your product as a quality brand
  • enhanced quality compliance management

Harrington Group International has developed the best solution to help instill best practices of TQM at your firm. Invest in the TQM Software solution introduced by HGINT now itself to reap your quality goals and milestones. It doesn’t take much to drive your business forward. Just the right tools to help increase efficiency and productivity. Want to hear more on how to boost the performance of your company? Contact the HGINT team right away to get all your questions answered.

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