Why go for Harrington Audit Management Software in 2021?

Audit Management Software for Managing Audits

An automated Audit Management Software helps you meet the requirements of your organization’s internal and external audits by following any international standards or quality policies. The multiple integrated templates of Harrington Audit Management Software help the users to select any given format with ease and proceed with the audit requirement. The software package is linked with the Harrington Quality Management System (HQMS) package to validate the accuracy of the audit report. The Harrington Audit Management Software 2021 minimizes the duration taken for your Auditing process and eradicates simple errors caused due to negligence. Furthermore, we help improve the reliability of your audit reports with perfection.

Unique Feature of Audit Master

  • Interface with User-Friendly features
  • Customized user-defined Templates and Checklists
  • Corrective and Prevention action
  • Inclusion of multiple Reporting formats
  • Audit Scheduling option
  • Affordability for all the range of customers
  • Analysis of trends and forecasting Audit data.
  • Cloud-based data storage option.
  • Audit Risk Assessment
  • Customer Oriented Support team

Why do you need an Audit Management Software?

2.1) Avoid Risk of Penalties

Auditors are currently being advised to be proactive with government guidelines & policies. It is no big surprise that organizations are searching for answers to make these assignments simpler and time-effective. Audit Master New Audit Plan has defined data for recurring audits, which helps to avoid government penalties with care. Having the option to execute the review cycle rapidly and successfully to an elevated expectation mitigates the mistakes that occur with the prevailing government policies and helps to review and re-edit easily.

2.2) Automation of Audits

Any kind of an audit can get automated using Audit Master Audit Checklists to save time and improve profitability and productivity. Software Audit Plan Reports guides you with a set of pre-edited report formats. As you make them, review agendas can be saved and utilized for any future usage. Saved review agendas can be altered and refreshed or saved under new titles to keep you from sitting around idly by beginning without any preparation each time. Agendas can be printed off to guarantee that your record-keeping meets guidelines regularly.

2.3) Reminders for Upcoming Tasks

Reminders are provided by the Audit Management Software as a safety measure prior to any scheduled date. The Software provides a signal on the task schedule date till the task is completed to mark the appointment. This assists Auditors with keeping steady over their review responsibilities. The product permits examiners to make changes in any event, which implies that adjustments can be made as issues emerge when the Audit is scheduled in the future.

2.4) Keep Track of the History

Stores past reviews and approved staff individuals to approach this data when and any place important. Since past reviews are put away, the eventual outcomes of a current review can be compared with past results easily for analysis and managerial decision-making purposes. Master Item Module in Audit Master is designed specifically for this purpose.

2.5) Feedbacks for internal audit review

At the end of the process cycle, an Audit Management Software provides results with feedbacks on technical errors in data input or standard norms. Audit Remote Auditor helps to perform remote audits with ease. Once the software processing is completed, the end results can be reviewed by the Auditor and decide whether to accommodate the given feedbacks or to proceed ahead with the fractional deviations. This helps the Auditors to minimize errors compared to the conventional means of auditing.

Benefits of Audit Master

3.1) Avoid Duplication of Audit records

If you are an Auditor, you might have surely encountered the repetition documentation works once you returned to the office to backup data. Auditing includes a great deal of planning and drafting when performed in the conventional methods. It burns through such a lot of time!
You will feel the relaxation of avoiding duplication of paper works by entering the records directly in the Audit Master. Customized reports make it simple to show information outwardly if you need to repeat a similar task.

3.2) Remove confusion in Audit Results.

Two Auditors can have discretely different opinions based on the gathered data. One can argue the results to be non-conformance and the other as accepted. And it is quite hard to represent the decision when the firm proof is explicitly based on a couple of pages of the auditor’s recorded notes.

Audit Master takes away the confusion and ambiguity by assuring the records are gathered and entered at the site of inspection and witnessed by all. It helps to minimize the personal comments on the data gathered during the Audit. Therefore, it clearly presents the results with the confirmation of all the officials with ease.

3.3) Strengthens the data security.

With paper-based conventional Audits, there are enormous chances of papers go misplaced. Therefore, it poses a huge threat to information security. The Usage of Audit Master eradicates the threat of data loss due to instantaneous upload to cloud server option.

We welcome you to join hands with Harrington Group International in 2021 for quality services equipped with a renowned market reputation as the managerial solution provider. Harington IT products ensure satisfaction for our customers in all the services bound with our quality policies.