30 Jun 2018
Bad management practices

Bad Management Practices

Creating the appropriate habits is something that would help build a workplace for the employees where they feel solace. When employees are comfortable in their environment they tend to perform better in the workplace. This is something that companies should focus on and thereby create a process for employee retention. No matter how developed technology has become, we can still find that employees are the ones who are making use of these technologies for the company.

Bad management occurs when the head of a company loses control of how the business is being operated and thereby would result in an organizational deficiency.

It is incredibly easy for management to see how the company is affected by unhappy to inefficient employees. The company can see disadvantages such as:

  • Unhappy customers.
  • Recordkeeping that is not up to the standard.
  • Products that aren’t at their optimal level.

Through the effects of bad management, the company could find itself facing multiple downfalls, a few of which include:

  • A significant reduction in productivity.

Within companies that are successful, the employees would find plenty of activities to keep themselves busy. Managers diverting their focus to activities that would waste time could cut into the productivity and work against the efficiency of the company.
Generally, when conducting meetings, it is often forgotten by rookie managers that everything requires a specific amount of time to complete. In this aspect the biggest mistake would lead to decreased productivity, leading to other organizational deficiencies.

  •  Workers would find themselves being miserable.

Managers should keep in mind that constructive criticism is different to abuse of employees for not reaching the target in the way required by managers. This would promote several negative effects on employees including:

  1. Stress would be increased by employees.
  2. Employee frustration would be increased and cause employees to mess up the activities needed to be performed and they would resort to other ill-mannered habits.
  3. Legal trouble could be faced by managers if the employee’s personal preference becomes an issue for them.


  • Motivation would be lost.

Employees that are enthusiastic about their job are one of the most valuable assets for a company. Unenthusiastic employees would simply become a burden but is often caused by bad management practices. It wouldn’t take something as bad as employee harassment for employees to lose motivation. However, a big factor that needs to be taken into consideration should be that management should provide their employees with the credit and acknowledgment that they deserve. In doing this, employees could find themselves becoming motivated and help them want to excel at their work.

Through well-performed management practices, companies can find that their organization would merely become better at efficiency overall. Companies can find new methods to help motivate employees to work better and smarter.

One of the most significant improvement tactics implemented for the quality movement was the introduction of a Quality Management System.

A quality management system is something that was introduced to help businesses manage their company procedures and documentation for increased efficiency. The multiple benefits gained by companies by using a QMS would include advantages such as:

  • Improvement of processes.
  • Significant reduction in waste.
  • Less cost of spending by the company.
  • Opportunity to document and improve training.
  • Getting involved in understanding employee standing.
  • Identifying larger business objectives.

Harrington Group International is an organization that offers business solutions to companies worldwide. The HGI team has a history of sharp focus on quality and has developed a comprehensive set of management and technical processes based on ISO 9001:2015. The consistency achieved through the application of these processes provides the foundation for predictable performance and our reputation for delivering high-quality products, on-time and within budget.

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