Supplier Collaboration Portal

Supplier Collaboration: The acceleration of business productivity

In a world where technology advances significantly, businesses need to keep up with all current methods which allow them to compeer with the rapidly changing market, demands of the customers, manufacturing and supply strategies which has become the critical factors for a successful business.

Supplier Collaboration can be defined as the collaborative development between manufacturers and suppliers to ensure efficient corporation productivity. Many companies have attempted supplier collaboration with minor success.

Improving the communication between suppliers and manufacturers can be challenging in an organization.
Harrington Group International (HGI) issues a software product known as “Supplier Collaboration Portal” which provides users the tools to enable better collaboration between manufacturers and their suppliers. This software permits the ability to automate routine supply chain execution transactions such as purchase orders, ship notices, commercial invoices and more.

With HGI’s easy to use and innovative software for supplier quality management, companies can reduce cost and provide increased revenue by focusing on the issues of suppliers which would impact the scheduling and performance the most.

We integrate our Supplier Collaboration Portal with our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and our Harrington Quality Management Software (HQMS) to ensure all operations made daily are supervised and networked together and no duplicate transactions are made.

Collaboration with our ERP allows the system to keep track of transactions such as purchase orders, receipts against purchase orders, invoicing and accounts payable information, stock levels, and more.

Collaboration with our HQMS allows fast and effective corrective action on issues.
Suppliers will receive a review of their performance through supplier risk scorecards to identify if they are meeting targets and an evaluation of their performance to determine if it is above or below average.

The corporate benefits of using Supplier Collaboration Portal by linking supply chain management to Quality Management:

  • Reduction of handling costs of sorting, distributing, organizing, and searching documents to and from suppliers
  • An increase in the speed of action and reduction of cycle times for substantive product and service improvements.
  • Real-time performance ratings along with the accurate order, inventory, returns and accounts receivable information provided for suppliers
  • Ability to uncover the internal supplier actions necessary to improve the business processes, acts and then a follow up to ensure rapid performance improvement.
  • Product quality and reliability can be improved.
  • Manufacturing cost can be reduced.

Utilizing this software enables users to:

  • Evaluate and control Supplier Performance in real-time 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • Communicate the application of consistent and objective metrics to supplier products including quantitative and qualitative assessment.
  • Determine suppliers best practices
  • Gather and evaluate supplier recommendations to increase performance.

The benefits of using Supplier Collaboration Portal:

For buyers and planners:

  • Purchase order transactions are automated
  • Inventory can be reduced and controlled
  • As it integrates with ERP, duplicate operations can be prevented
  • True supply chain collaboration

For suppliers:

  • The single version of the truth
  • Visibility to ALL orders in a closed loop, and allows suppliers to be able to respond to abnormal fluctuations in demand.

For the Manufacturer:

  • Improvements in product quality of supplier
  • Supply issues can be tracked and managed.
  • Transmit SCARS quickly and easily
  • All supplier responses are captured.

Using our Supplier Collaboration Portal, daily demands for managing quality processes and solving real problems can be obtained for excellent management of a business.

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