18 Jul 2017

Let us Stop Paying Lip Service to Excellence

The Supplier Collaboration Portal introduced by Harrington Group International has been designed to facilitate better interaction between our clients and their suppliers. Poor communication between the manufacturer and the supplier can ultimately lead to errors within the supply chain and could result in the loss of valuable time and money for you and also for the supplier. HGI Supplier Collaboration Portal has been introduced to overcome this issue and to bring the manufacturer and the suppliers to interact on a single and shared platform so that nothing important will fall through the cracks.

Supplier Collaboration Portal HGINT in Blog
Harrington Group International’s Supplier Collaboration Portal automates all routine supply chain execution transactions while integrating with our Enterprise Resource Planning Software and our Quality Management Software so that all daily operations are networked and monitored together while ensuring that duplicate transactions are not performed.
With the help of this portal, you can now keep track of the performances of your suppliers on a real-time basis. Supplier Scoring incorporated within the portal lets you score your suppliers based on their performances and conformances. Supplier score weighting is transparent, and the suppliers themselves can see if their performance is below or above the standards set out by the manufacturer’s organization. Suppliers can after that implement new strategies or likewise to help them perform better and to conform to the manufacturer’s standards. It further lets suppliers analyze how their strategies have helped them improve their performance. It can clearly benefit the manufacturer as the supplier will try to improve their performance to drive more sales to the manufacturer’s organization and will end up performing better and delivering high-quality products. The suppliers can benefit too as their overall improvement will positively impact their relationship with the manufacturer and will give them more sales. This collaboration ultimately provides the supplier the feedback they need to improve their performance which will eventually benefit the manufacturer.

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