06 Jul 2018
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How To Prepare For An ERP Update

The development of technology is continually progressing infallibly. Whether you expect it or not, it is coming. So what better way to adjust to this change than to prepare for any kind of technological revolution that comes your way.

If the example of software is taken into consideration, ERP software is advancing as well. All manufacturers are trying to keep up with, adapt to, and identify new ways that could assist in the progression of ERP Software.

When considering the companies that acquire to utilize these software, it is “the new version” that keeps them excited. As for the software manufacturers, the pressures of these requests are what keep innovation running to create “the next best software” going.

However, for companies to utilize the new features provided for new versions or updates, it is important to know HOW to prepare. So a question that might be asked frequently by companies is, “How can the industry master the process of preparation?”

In this aspect, it is critical to rely on the software providers of the organization to assist in this area, regardless of who the specific software providers are.

Harrington Group International (HGI) is a globally acknowledged firm providing improvements in performance to deliver compelling solutions to businesses on- time and within budget, as the industry evolves.

The products provided by HGI are:

1.An Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS)

An authentic software system that is designed to offer significant improvements to the life cycle of a product. By providing real-time access to the quality and manufacturing this software ensures operational excellence.

The HGI EQMS is comprised of:
  • HQMS Software.
  • caWeb Software.
  • Supplier Collaboration Portal.
2.Desktop Software Systems

This is a software solution that is utilized for the monitoring, resolving, and tracking of processes, productivity, maintenance, training, and other capabilities. HGI Desktop Software comprises:

  • Audit Master.
  • Calibration Recall.
  • Document Control.
  • Maintenance Log Pro.
  • Training Manager.

HGI can proudly state that their organization has been chosen by over 45,000 satisfied customers. Their software solutions assist in higher production, lower production costs, and had a significant increase in top-line revenue and bottom line profits.

HGI provides a set of software solutions to ensure the delivery of an authentic impact by bringing knowledge, expertise and providing a practical approach.

As an acknowledged leading firm specializing in the development of web-based systems and one of the first Application Service Providers in the quality arena, HGI is uniquely qualified to host your quality management solutions on our highly available redundant web servers.

The advantage of choosing Harrington Group International’s software solutions is that there is a commitment to customers. HGI provide customers with solutions designed precisely to ERP needs for companies and offer the benefit of 24/7/365 service assistance required by our customers, as customer satisfaction is our top priority. Besides the fact that there is assistance ready for support, HGI provides updates on any essential improvements or upgrades to all software services via the HGI website that can be referred to at any time, anywhere.

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