06 Jan 2022
Calibration Software System Cost Effective Desktop Software for Small and Medium Sized Businesses Suggested Retail Price: $1,199 Special Offer: $999 Online Store Calibration Tracking Software Solution from HGINT The HGI Calibration Tracking software (Calibration Recall) program allows you to take control of the equipment maintenance process by helping to reduce downtime, and maintain equipment history, [...]
02 Jan 2022
Enterprise Quality Management System
HGI Enterprise Quality Management Software In this competitive business world, companies are struggling to maintain consistency. The struggle is as real as it gets because it isn't easy with the many machines and employees involved. Either way, it is a necessary achievement to gaining full customer satisfaction. Companies that fail to maintain their quality standards [...]
18 Nov 2021
Management Of Organizational Issues
Management Of Organizational Issues One of the most important aspects of any successful business is management. We know that we're supposed to manage our employees, clients, and even contractors, but let's not forget how vital this job can be when it comes to dealing with internal issues like organizing files or getting things done on [...]
18 Nov 2021
Harrington Group Total Quality Management System. Have you ever thought about intrinsic core values and principles necessary for the successful operation of organizations? Those all comes together as “quality factors” in an organization. You may want to improve the total quality of products and services with the aim of improving business performance. To improve total [...]
16 Nov 2021
HGI Training Management Software - Training Manager 4.0 It identifies mandatory employee training It identifies untrained employees Expired certifications or Certification about to expire Keeps a Skills Inventory Avoid Downtime in unforeseen events Identify and Optimize Training Schedules Ability to cross-reference data   Employee List - Training Manager 4.0 Best Training Management Software 2021 Training [...]