11 Oct 2023
      What is QMS?   Quality Management System, simply referred to as using the acronym “QMS,” is a set of practices and processes followed by an organization or a business to meet customer requirements consistently by continuously monitoring and improving efficiency. Customer satisfaction and product, process, or service efficiency are achieved by defining [...]
10 Oct 2023
How can Issue Management Bring a Change in the Healthcare Industry? With the increased number of births and aging population in the world, healthcare has been booming since the 20th century. Thanks to health insurance providers, people make healthcare visits more often. On average, 36 Million admissions are made in hospitals across the United States [...]
10 Oct 2023

The Relationship Between Issue Tracking Software and the Productivity in Modern Business Management What is an Issue Tracking Software? Issue Tracking software or Issue Management software is a major feature implemented by any business to effectively keep track of minor problems to major disasters. As issues are unavoidable while running an organization, this software helps […]

09 Oct 2023
Home / Blog / Top Issue Tracking Software for Businesses   Top Issue Tracking Software for Businesses   In organizations, unexpected issues occur daily because of human errors and other unforeseen circumstances. In today’s business processes, a little error could cause severe consequences. With that in mind, businesses should position themselves to identify, manage, and resolve these [...]
01 Sep 2023

Quality Management Software (QMS) is a type of software designed to help organizations manage and improve the quality of their products, services, or processes. This type of software typically offers a range of tools and features aimed at facilitating the planning, execution, and monitoring of quality-related activities. The overall objective is to meet or exceed […]

30 Aug 2023
supply chain management software

In today’s fast-paced business environment, achieving optimal productivity is more critical than ever. One area where efficiency can make or break your operation is in the management of your supplier relationships. Historically, this process has involved manual tracking, countless spreadsheets, and a constant juggling act to ensure that every link in the supply chain is […]

30 Aug 2023

HGI’s Business Executive, John Cachat is speaking at the upcoming Quality Professionals Roundtable for the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA).  He will discuss the relationship between quality and accounting professionals; as well as, how to obtain funding for quality improvements.  Taking place September 26th-27th Virtual in Cleveland, OH Sign up and Register Today: https://bit.ly/3Ke1pQG

30 Aug 2023

John Cachat is speaking at the AIAG Quality Summit – Subject – Quality 4.0 Briefing – Past, Present, and Future Things Every QA Professional Must Understand – Deploying an organization’s digital strategy will have common challenges that cut across all industries and digital maturity levels, and others that are specific to an organization. The session […]

08 Aug 2023

HGI updated PPAP4AERO offering, allowing on-premise software & supplier access, targeting a 40% defect reduction in aerospace parts. ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2023/– Harrington Group International (HGI) is a renowned global quality management system company that pioneers digital transformation. HGI announced new deliverables during the PPAP4AERO Consortium Webinar on Thursday, August 3rd, 2023. […]

04 Jul 2023
HQMS Online Quality Management Software System Provider
What Does 2018 Have In Store for EQMS? Quality management methodologies, approaches, and best practices have evolved throughout the decades and have led us to this position. But do you think that's it? Not even a chance. With technology at its forefront, quality management processes will continue to evolve for the better. Although that is [...]