10 Nov 2021

Harrington Total Quality Management System Businesses should focus on what drives their success while embracing total quality management (TQM) all the time. TQM is a standout management method that continuously focuses on the improvement of business processes. The process concentrates on meeting the long-term goals of a business by engaging the whole workforce. The Harrington […]

06 Nov 2021
Issue Management Software
World Class Issue Management Software from HGI The caWeb Corrective Action Software & Issue Management Software Solution gives your organization easy steps to identify any issue, designate the teams members and execute tasks/actions to manage and resolve the issue. Deliver faster problem resolution and prevent recurrence – Improve collaboration between team members – Eliminate unnecessary [...]
05 Nov 2021

The need for Supplier Management software: Every business (retail, wholesale or widely distributed) collaborates with a list of suppliers. A manufacturing industry works with suppliers to procure raw materials and production machinery; a medical lab requires suppliers to buy scanning machines, X-Ray devices, test tubes; even an informational technology company works with vendors to purchase […]

05 Nov 2021

Equipment calibration: In any industry that uses equipment or machinery, for example, the manufacturing industry uses machines to produce goods; medical industry uses scanning devices, ECG, etc.; an IT sector uses servers, coolers, etc., periodic calibration and re-calibration are required to reduce equipment downtime and to evaluate if the tools continue to contribute to the […]

05 Nov 2021

Many companies and business-minded people are always looking for tech-driven solutions to enhance their day-to-day business processes. The advent of the internet and advanced technologies has provided such entities with a means to improve their operations. Not undertaking successful quality management is one of the key issues that have been derailing the growth of many […]