03 Jun 2020

The Importance of Strategic Quality Planning.


Many organizations today face an ongoing battle of requests for improving quality. As a result, companies have started using a variety of methods hoping it would improve the quality and quality management as a process. So how do you know YOUR company is taking the right quality initiatives? Are you aware of the problems you are trying to fix?

Strategic Quality Planning involves a process that all departments, managers, and other quality professionals are engaged in to identify the “correct” quality initiatives for the best way to manage quality today and in the future. Without the right quality initiatives, you may just be moving from one fad to the next. The strategy phase for the quality planning process would involve all the steps needed to develop a strategic quality plan and can be found as follows.

Create a Quality vision.
To be able to create a compelling vision for quality while developing the strategies to do so is one of the most difficult challenges any company faces. In this complex world, anticipating the future is very difficult. With that being said, we’ve also found that the issues faced by organizations are also increasing in complexity. That is why it is absolutely essential to understand the wants and needs of customers before determining a vision.
Failing to do so could put your company at risk of losing to competitors who do anticipate the needs and wants of customers and are able to fulfill them. Having an idea in mind on how to obtain optimal quality by understanding the customer factor could help shape the future of your organization.

Develop a quality policy.
The ideal quality management process can be created through the vision process. However, before directly moving into developing quality strategies, the quality planning process should involve and update the quality policy used. This policy would be able to clarify the overall organizational goals and objectives for quality. The quality policy should be brief and should show the company’s commitment to quality.

Identify the quality strategies.
Once the quality policy is defined, one of the most important things to consider is the quality strategies. The quality strategies would involve steps of procedures that need to be taken for slowly but firmly achieving each organizational goal and objective concerning quality management.

Develop an operational efficiency plan.
For this plan, it begins with the development of objectives needed for meeting the quality strategy. The efficiency plan follows with the development of a clear and detailed action plan which is required to achieve objectives. Performance strategies would then be added for ensuring that clear related objectives are met.

A strategic quality planning process would be able to move your organization from making assumptions about quality towards a direction based on well-researched quality strategies. How great would it be to simplify these processes? Look no further – The enterprise quality management system introduced by Harrington Group International allows the ability to streamline operations in quality management to ensure your organization receives overall efficiency. To get your quality control software or for more information, contact us now!

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